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Swanson 2nd in USSA's "Strides Against Breast Cancer"

DJ Racing 20: Kody finished 2nd in his first start for the DJ Racing team, filling in as the team tested a new car.

(October 20, 2013) Saturday night, Kody joined the DJ Racing team and the USSA Sprint Car Challenge series for their season finale "Strides Against Breast Cancer 50" at Anderson Speedway. The series had already hosted a pair of events at the 1/4 mile high-banked oval this season, both won by series points leader Aaron Pierce. After much of the morning's scheduled practice sessions were rained out, the series got a brief hot-lap session followed by group qualifying. Kody was able to turn a lap good enough for 2nd quick in his run, and with an invert of the 6 fastest qualifiers, would start 5th in the 50-lap feature event. As the field came to life, Kody ran side by side for the 5th spot, before taking the position on lap 3. On lap 4, Kody moved to 4th, and by lap 5 had taken over 3rd, chasing Pierce and front-row starter Tony Hunt. Within a few laps, Pierce was able to track down Hunt, with Kody in tow. On lap 9, Pierce and Swanson both moved past Hunt, to take over the top two spots. Kody rallied to catch Pierce, and had closed the distance to a car-length when the race's only caution flew on lap 19. After the restart, Pierce stretched his advantage to nearly a straight-away lead, but with 15 laps to go, Swanson began to close the distance. As the lead duo entered lapped traffic, Swanson closed the gap some more, but with 5 to go it became clear that there was no catching Pierce as his lead steadied at 4 car-lengths. Kody followed series Champion Pierce to the checkers, and ended a solid run in his first start with the DJ Racing team with a good finish.


Swanson 10th in BOSS Sprints at Eldora

(October 12, 2013) With 53 cars signing into the pits for the BOSS season finale at the "Big E" Eldora Speedway, it was going to be a tough night for Kody in his K&L Racing #12, running a 360ci steel-block against the aluminum block 410ci's of the BOSS series. The field was split into 5 preliminary heat races with the top 4 in each to transfer directly to the night's A-Main event. After an opening lap accident, Kody would move up to the pole position, and lead the field to green. As Kody entered turn 1, he began the long slide up the track toward the preferred line around the top of Eldora's big half mile. As he slid up to the top, veteran Matt Westfall used his front-row starting position and the momentum from the top of the track to take the lead off of turn 2. Kody was able to quickly get up to the high-line, click off the laps to a solid 2nd place finish, and earn a spot in the night's A-Main event. Kody drew to start 7th of the 24 car field in the 25-lap feature, but in the opening laps quickly got shuffled back to around the 15th position. In a race that went without caution, Kody was able to get up to the top side of the track, and begin picking off positions. In the final set of corners, Kody completed a slide job to take over the 10th spot, earning a very respectable finish against such a large field of cars.


Swanson 9th in "Harvest of Sprints" at Waynesfield

K&L Racing: Kody (outside) and teammate Tim Hunter sport the pink stripe and ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness. J&T Photos

(October 11, 2013) Friday night, 46 non-wing sprint cars descended upon Waynesfield Raceway Park for the final race of the season, the "Harvest of Sprints." With enough cars to field 6 heat races, only the top 2 finishers would earn a spot directly in the A-Main. Kody drew the 6th starting position in Heat 4, and after starting behind a slower car fell to 7th in the opening corner. Kody moved up to 5th when a red-flag flew on lap 3. In the remaining 5 laps, Kody moved up to the 4th spot, and gained on 3rd but to no avail. By virtue of his heat race finish, Kody would line up 4th in the 2nd B-Main, taking the top 4 finishers to the tail of the night's feature event. Kody quickly moved up to the high-side of the racetrack in turns 1 and 2, finding himself in the 3rd position by the end of lap 1. 2 laps later, he was up to 2nd, and rode comfortably there to the finish of the 12-lap event. For the night's 25-lap feature, Kody lined up 16th in the 20 car field. Much of the race went caution free, and Kody powered around the top of the racetrack for most of the event. With just 5 laps remaining, an accident on the front-stretch brought out the red-flag, with Kody running in the 9th position. When the field came back to green, Kody found something amiss with his K&L Racing #12. A combination of the fast track and cool night had produced some big mud clods, that helped bend his left front brake rotor. Kody was still able to bring home a solid 9th place finish, a true testament to how good the K&L #12 was that night.


Swanson 5th in BOSS Sprints at PPMS

(September 28, 2013) Saturday night, 26 cars of the BOSS series' finest rolled into the "Monster Half Mile" of the PPMS Pennsylvania Motor Speedway. Starting 8th in his preliminary heat race, Kody drove the K&L Racing #12 up to the 4th position as the white flag flew. With a final lap caution, the field was reset for a 1-lap shootout to the finish. Kody shot to the inside of the racetrack, and exiting the final turn took over the 3rd position by less than a foot. For the night's 20-lap feature event, Kody started in the 7th position. Battling changing track conditions, Kody fell outside of the top 10 in just 3 laps. A lengthy red-flag stopped the action for nearly half an hour while the accident scene was cleaned up. When the field came back to life, Kody began the march back toward the front of the field, cracking the Top 10 within just laps of the restart. Kody continued to search the track for a better line, and settled in, moving up to the 8th position with 10 laps to go. As Kody and others battled hard for spots 6-8, contact was made in turns 3 and 4, bringing out a late race caution. Kody was able to continue, as he had just taken over the 6th spot. With just a few laps remaining, Kody made it into the Top 5, and ended his night with a solid 5th place finish. The K&L #12 ended up being the highest-finishing Steel-block motor in the event, earning Kody an extra award and a little cash thanks to the BOSS series and their sponsors.


Swanson WINS Hoosier Outlaw Sprints at M-40

(August 21, 2013) On a special Wednesday night show, the Hoosier Outlaw Sprint series took to the 1/4 mile oval of Jones, Michigan's M-40 Speedway. Kody and the SpeedChasers, Inc. #64 were excited to build on a couple of strong runs, all in the team's oldest car, "Calhoun," a Drinan/SpeedChasers chassis with nearly 20 years of racing experience. The last time Kody ran the car, they finished 2nd in the Must See Racing event at Kil-Kare Speedway in Xenia, Ohio. Kil-Kare is a very unique racetrack, but Kody and the team felt it may have had characteristics similar to M-40, and looked forward to giving it a shot. It was worth it, as Kody and Calhoun earned their first "Quick Time" honors together, pacing the field in time trials with a lap of 10.43 seconds. After finishing 3rd in their preliminary heat race, Kody lined up outside row 4 in 8th after an invert of the night's fastest qualifiers. At the drop of the green, Kody began working the outside. Within a half-lap, he was up to 5th. By the end of lap 1, he was 3rd. The pressure didn't stop there, as Kody took the lead before the completion of the 4th lap in the 30-lapper! The caution flew on lap 6, and Kody began rebuilding his lead on the ensuing restart. As the race wore on, Kody continued to work lapped traffic, with the #64 handling well enough to make any space on the racetrack a good place to be. Whether Kody chose high or low, Calhoun was up to the task, and was clearly the car to beat. By the race's conclusion, Kody and Calhoun had lapped cars on 20 occasions, including 4 on lap 29 alone, up to the 4th position, and had amassed a nearly half-lap lead on the runner-up. It truly was a special night, and a lot of fun thanks to the hard work and great effort by the entire SpeedChasers, Inc. team, Owner/Engineer Tom Brewer, Mechanics/Crew Cheryl Allen and Tony Vakerics.


7th in Tony Bettenhausen 100 at Springfield

Springfield Mile: Eddie Sachs Racing #25

(August 17, 2013) Saturday, the quest for the USAC Silver Crown championship continued as the series rolled into the 1-mile dirt oval of the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield. Kody qualified the Eddie Sachs Racing at the top of the board, and his time really held there until the track began taking rubber late in time trials. Kody and the #25 were credited with 5th. At the start of the 100-mile affair, Kody moved into the 4th spot, setting a great pace for a long race. When the caution flew in the early going, Kody found restarts to be a problem, as the #25 struggled to take off with the rest of the field, often resulting the loss of 3-4 positions. Kody and the Eddie Sachs team continued their journey, passing a number of cars multiple times as they fought a see-saw battle back to the front. Before half-way, the #25 lost a little power, attributed to a cracking header pipe. By the half-way point, things had worsened, with the headers actually exiting the vehicle during the race. Kody continued to pass cars, however, restarts were even more challenging with this new development. Kody and the team never gave up, falling as far as 12th but battling back to a solid 7th place finish in front of some very respectable race cars, including the Tony Stewart Racing #10 (current series points leading entrant).


Swanson 17th to 5th in Waynesfield Sprints

Up the Middle: Kody drove from 17th to 5th in the 25 lap feature at Waynesfield Raceway Park. J&T Photos

(August 10, 2013) Saturday night, Kody and the K&L Racing team took the wing off of their 360 sprint car, and entered it among 37 others for the Waynesfield Raceway Park 410 Non-Wing Sprint car class. Starting 8th in Heat 1, Kody quickly moved into the 6th spot, but found the 1/3 mile oval hard to pass on with the current track conditions. Coming to the white flag, Kody completed the pass for 5th, but ran out of time to earn a transfer spot with a 4th place finish. Starting on the pole of B-Main #1, Kody would have to finish in the Top 2 to transfer to the night's A-Main event. Kody quickly got the #12 out front, but a caution and a red flag regrouped the field with 7 laps to go. Kody led the field back to green, quickly jumped to a straightaway lead, and kept his margin to win the B, and earn a 17th place starting spot for the 25-lap feature event. At the drop of the green, Kody began moving up the middle of the racetrack, splitting cars on both sides as he moved toward the front. In 1 lap he was up to 14th, by lap 2 he was 12th and continuing his march forward. A red flag on lap 9 found Kody already up to the 9th position, but looking for more. While the race went green from there, Kody had the #12 running as one of the fastest on the track, making it up to the 5th position with just 3 laps to go. As they came under the checkers, Kody had run to the back bumper of 4th, but simply ran out of time. It was a great run for the K&L Racing team, earning 5th & 6th place finishes with Kody and owner Kent Wolters behind the wheel.


13th as NRA Sprints "Invade" Limaland

K&L Racing #12

(August 9, 2013) Friday night, 28 of the NRA Sprint Invaders finest rolled into the 1/4 mile Limaland Motorsports Park in Western Ohio. Driving the K&L Racing #12, Kody was making his 3rd attempt in a winged dirt sprinter of 2013, looking to gain valuable experience against the tough competition in Ohio. Starting 4th in heat 1, Kody was shuffled to 5th at the drop of the green, but a slider at the end of lap 2 moved him back into the 4th spot. For the next 7 laps, that's where he would stay, earning him a transfer to the A-Main event and a 13th place starting spot. In the 25-lap feature event, Kody shuffled forward and back, moving from top to bottom of the wide 1/4 mile oval. As the race wore down, Kody went a lap down to the leaders, but was able to hang right with them, taking advantage of the learning experience to pick up speed and get comfortable in his new environment. Kody battled back to a 13th place finish.


Swanson 7th in debut with Eddie Sachs Racing at Belleville

Eddie Sachs Racing 25: Kody drove to a solid 7th place finish in their first run, and their first trip to the High Banks.

(August 2, 2013) On Friday, Kody sat a top the USAC Silver Crown series standings as the series headed into the famous Belleville (KS) High Banks for the first time. While it was Kody's first time on the famous half-mile, it was also his first trip behind the wheel of the Eddie Sachs Racing #25. In Friday's qualifying, Kody rode the 25 around the rim of the big half-mile track, timing in 7th quick at 17.402 seconds. With a 50-lap feature on tap, Kody would roll off the grid starting 7th, inside row 4. After a brief battle with Brian Tyler in the opening laps, Kody settled comfortably into 7th, and began to pace with the Top 6 as the track wore in. After a lap 5 caution, and another at lap 10, Kody noticed something seemed off on his #25, almost like his right rear tire was going flat. As the field roared back to green, things still seemed a little off, but Kody adapted to keep a solid run going. For the remainder of the event, Kody and the Eddie Sachs Racing #25 battled to hold their position, adapting to changes in the car and track conditions. At the end of 50 laps, the 25 was scored in the 7th position, giving Kody a decent run and keeping him in the title hunt for the points championship. Kody currently sits 3rd, just 5 points out of the lead! At the end of it all, the team found a bolt had sheared in the Right Rear birdcage, allowing the rear axle and suspension to swing forward and back each turn. Considering what was going on, Kody and the team were happy to come away with a 7th place finish, and look forward to their next race in Springfield, Illinois!


Kody rounds out a Swanson Brothers 1-2 Finish in the JD Byrider 100, ascends to the USAC Silver Crown points lead

1-2 Finish: Tanner (#11) dominated the JD Byrider 100, leading a Swanson Brothers 1-2 with Kody (#63) taking the runner-up spot at Lucas Oil Raceway. Phil Rider Photo

(July 27, 2013) On August 12th, 2010, Tanner Swanson lead his brother Kody to the checkers in the “Great Lakes 150” to become the first brothers in history to “sweep” a USAC Silver Crown race 1st & 2nd. This is the story of how they did it, again.

On Saturday, July 27th, the Swanson brothers returned to Lucas Oil Raceway with the USAC Silver Crown series for the JD Byrider 100, each looking to make the trip to Victory Lane. Kody, driving the DePalma Motorsports #63, was coming off of 2 Top 5 finishes in the series’ first two pavement races this season and looking cap off their year together with a win. Tanner, driving the Bowman/Canine Racing #11, was making his first ever start for the team, and looking to fill the shoes of pavement star and Mr. Little 500 himself, Eric Gordon. After an hour of practice, the brothers each proved they would be contenders with their qualifying runs. Tanner put up a lap of 21.169 seconds, good enough for 4th quick, but Kody was the last car to qualify, and laid down a lap of 21.047 to earn the Pole position for the second race in a row.

At the drop of the green, Kody drove to the lead as the field entered turn 1, opening up a small margin as the Top 5 quickly found their positions early in the 100-lapper. Within a matter of laps, Kody began to receive pressure from 2nd quick qualifier and 2008 series Champ Jerry Coons, Jr., with Tanner in tow. Before lap 10, a four car pack broke into a battle for the lead, as David Byrne had joined the fray. As things heated up, Tanner dispatched Coons for the 2nd spot, and looked for the lead. Twice he looked underneath his brother in turns 3 & 4 unable to complete the pass. As the field came to lap 15, Tanner took a 3rd shot at the lead, diving low into turn 3 and making it clear that he was good enough to lead this race. He continued to make that statement, driving to nearly a half-lap lead by lap 50, when the field slowed for the race’s only caution. Kody passed two lapped cars on the restart to put himself behind Tanner’s #11, but Tanner continued to pull away as the laps wore on. As the race drew to a close, Tanner put nearly another half-lap between he and Kody, with Kody enjoying over a 1/4 lap on 3rd. It was a race that Tanner dominated to give the Bowman team their first ever Silver Crown win.


2nd in MSR Sprints at Kil-Kare Raceway

Heavy Traffic: Kody drove from 6th to 2nd in 20 laps during the middle of the feature at Kil-Kare Raceway.

(July 19, 2013) On Friday, Kody and the SpeedChasers, Inc. team rolled into Xenia, Ohio's Kil-Kare Raceway with 23 other cars for the Must See Racing Xtreme Sprint car event. With a $500 bonus on the line to set a new track record in qualifying, Kody and the team got the #64 rolling, setting a new track record at 11.736 seconds around the 3/8 mile track. When it was all done, only 2-time and defending Champ JoJo Helberg's lap of 11.64 seconds stood between the #64 and the bonus. In his preliminary heat race, Kody drove his Drinan-SpeedChasers chassis from his 6th place starting spot to a last lap pass for the win. For the 50-lap feature event, Kody would line up inside row 3, in the 5th position. At the drop of the green, Kody would get pinned in behind the 3rd place starter, as the leaders began to separate themselves from the field. Working the fast racetrack and traffic proved to be tricky, but on lap 16 Kody used some lapped traffic to get around Jacob Wilson for the 5th spot. He quickly made up ground, continuing to use the slower traffic to work past cars for position, like JoJo Helberg, Aaron Pierce, and eventually Troy DeCaire for the 2nd spot. With just 9 laps to go, the caution flag flew, but race leader Brian Gerster was long gone. Restarting with 9 lapped cars between them, Kody held on to a solid 2nd place finish despite running 6th with just over 30 laps to go. Kody and the SpeedChasers team plan to race together again on August 3rd with the HOSS Sprints at Illiana Speedway in Schererville, Indiana.


7th in HOSS Sprints at New Paris Speedway

SpeedChasers New Paris Crew: Kody, Tony Vakerics, Cheryl Allen and owner Tom Brewer smile for the camera.

(July 13, 2013) Saturday night, the Hoosier Outlaw Sprint Series rolled into the 1/4 paved oval at New Paris Speedway in Indiana. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, it had a field of dreams type feel, with track lights seen high above surrounding the fields of corn. By race time, fans packed all the way around the track, many with their cars backed up to the track in a unique tailgate style of spectating. Kody and the SpeedChasers 64 started the day near the top of the charts in practice, and qualified 5th quick. Yet, both Kody and the team felt like their car would be better over a longer run, and would do well in the nights events. In his heat race, Kody heard a disturbing noise from under the hood of the 64 and brought it in around halfway. After some inspection, a cracked header pipe was the culprit, but the damage was done, Kody would have to forfeit his 4th place feature starting spot, to start 9th and behind the invert of the fastest qualifiers. At the start of the 30 lapper, Kody ran 9th, finding it tough to gain any ground on those in front of him. A caution slowed the field on lap 8, but from there it was clean and green. Kody was able to pull alongside his competitors a few times, but never could complete the pass and finished in the 7th spot. While it wasn't the result they were hoping for, the car rolled in the trailer, and the SpeedChasers #64 will be ready to roll again at this Friday's Must See Racing event in Xenia, Ohio's Kil-Kare Speedway.


Learning Night at the Big "E" Night Before the Kings Royal

Just Missed It: Kody missed the 20-car starting field by just one spot in the B-Main at Eldora. 37 Cars were on hand.

(July 12, 2013) On Friday, the NRA 360 Sprint Invaders rolled into the famous Eldora Speedway with a 37 car field. As part of the World of Outlaws "Night Before the Kings Royal" event, the NRA would have their 3 lap hot lap session counted as group qualifying, meaning that Kody's first 3 laps on track in the K&L Racing #12 would be on the clock and very important to his night. Kody went out late in qualifying, riding the rim in group 9 to 19th with a lap of 15.4 seconds. Starting outside the front row of heat 3, the 12 had a short stumble on the restart, allowing the pole sitter to slide up through turns 1 & 2 and breaking Kody's momentum. Kody slipped to 4th as the fast qualifier's slid up under him in turns 3 & 4 to finish the first lap. As the race wore on, Kody had to pull in around the halfway point with a flat left rear, and head for the night's 2nd B-Main, which transferred the Top 2 finishers to the 20-car A-Main event. Starting 4th, Kody worked the fuel system on the 12 to get a much better start, rolling to the top side of the track and taking over the 3rd spot. From there, he was in pursuit of the leaders, but with all 3 in clean air, never could mount a serious charge and finished just 1 spot out of the show. Still, not a bad night considering how little experience Kody has in a winged dirt sprint car, and taking on one of the tougher tracks in the country. Kody will return to K&L Racing to take on the BOSS Series Non-Wing sprints in Waynesfield, Ohio this Saturday night.


Heartbreak at Auto City Speedway

Leadin' them down: Kody leads the field back to green on a lap 17 restart.

(July 3, 2013) From the SpeedChasers, Inc. Facebook Page: "We installed them (the fuel pump and magneto, fresh from rebuilds) in the car and sorted and mounted tires for the Auto City race and got away later than we had hoped. When we got to Auto City the car wouldn't start for the 1st practice but it was an easy fix so we got one practice in before qualifying 9th of 18 cars. Neither Kody nor I had ever been to Auto City before so with one practice and qualifying behind us we made a few changes for the heat race. To be honest I don't even remember where we finished in it but we learned some more about the car and track. With some timely help from Geoff Kaiser we made our feature adjustments. They draw a number to determine how many cars will be inverted for the feature race lineup and that number was 10. Since we were 9th fastest we got to start on the outside of the front row. Kody took the lead on the 1st lap and had a comfortable lead until the engine overheated (my fault for being too lean on the fuel) and water would come out and get on the left rear tire. Finally, one lap from the end of the race and a 4th or 5th place finish the head gasket blew out on cylinder 8 (from the lean condition). The rest of the story is that we came home and readied old "Calhoun", the Drinan car, for Angola (to race on Saturday, July 6) and were just ready to leave the shop (Saturday) when we got the call that the race had been cancelled because of the persistent rain in the area. After a leisurely lunch we got the engine out of the Diablo for a trip to the engine shop this week. I mostly relaxed and watched the engine removal crew of Tony Vakerics, Ryan Roberts, Kody and Jordan Swanson, and Cheryl Allen. Tom." Owner of the SpeedChasers, Inc. #64.


First Pole & Another Top 5 for DePalma #63 at Pikes Peak

Their First Time: Kody earned the DePalma Motorsports team their 1st EVER Pole in the USAC Silver Crown series.

(June 29, 2013) On Saturday the USAC Silver Crown series rolled into the 1-mile Pikes Peak International Raceway for the first time since 2005. The speedway had aged considerably from the harsh years just outside Colorado Springs, CO, leaving more rough sections of pavement on each end of the racetrack. While these rough spots did keep the speeds down from their previous visits, Kody and the DePalma team got the #63 to the top of the charts in practice and qualifying, laying down a lap of 25.498 seconds, an average of 141.188mph to earn the DePalma team their first ever Pole Position in the series. As Kody lead the field to green for the 100-mile feature event, he struggled to get his #63 to take off as well as the rest of the field, and he slipped to the 8th position by turn 1. In the early laps, he battled back up to the 4th position before settling in the running order. Unfortunately, more cautions lead to more restarts, and more positions lost for the #63 team. Through out the longer runs, Kody would keep making up positions, trying to stay within reach of the lead pack. However, even the handling started to go away as the race wore on, and it became even more challenging to gain ground on the front runners. A late caution allowed Kody to come to pit road for an air pressure adjustment, and restart deep in the line-up with just 20 laps to go. He got the best restart that they'd had all day, and quickly began working through the field. By races end, Kody had made it up to the 5th position, as he and the DePalma team really earned themselves a hard-fought Top 5 in just their second race together. Kody and the team will return to the USAC Silver Crown series when it heads to Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis for the "Rich Vogler Classic" on July 27th.


Tough Luck at Fort Wayne's Baer Field Speedway

(June 22, 2013) From the SpeedChasers, Inc. Facebook Page: "Speed Chasers had an excellent evening at Baer Field Speedway, right up to lap 20 in the feature race. We took the old car which was supposed to be in retirement but showed that it is still a pretty good race car. The engine has been a solid workhorse but needs to be freshened as it has over 60 races on it. We qualified 6th fastest with the fastest lap it has seen at Baer Field. We got to start on the front row of the feature but dropped back to a comfortable third after a few laps as the engine just didn't have the power to keep up on starts. About lap 10 Sam Davis' car got upside down on the back straight. Sam was able to walk away from the crash but we were to find out later that we drove away with a chunk of debris in our right front tire. We got passed on the restart but lap times kept getting faster as Kody found a line that worked. He was catching the 3rd place car but we knew something was wrong. We could now see sparks coming from the frame rubbing the track in the turns and Kody could feel the steering get less responsive. Finally the right front tire deflated entirely and Kody had to wrestle the car into the infield. The tire was the only damage but instead of a top three finish we got 12th. Still, when you can roll an undamaged, fast race car on the trailer after a race you can't be too unhappy." - Tom. Owner of the SpeedChasers, Inc. #64.


7th in HOSS at Anderson Speedway

SpeedChasers, Inc. #64

(June 15, 2013) The 1/4 mile Anderson (In) Speedway is a frequent stop for the Hoosier Outlaw Sprint Series, but Saturday night was the first time that Kody competed with them there. Driving the SpeedChasers Diablo Chassis that is new to the team for 2013, Kody timed in 8th quick in qualifying. As the day wore on, Kody and the team struggled with the new chassis, trying to learn just what it would need to rotate the tight corners on the small oval. The team made numerous changes through-out the day, hoping to make enough adjustments to improve the handling on the #64. Kody started 3rd and finished 4th in his preliminary heat race, and would line-up 8th for the 30-lap feature. Kody started alongside fast qualifier Aaron Pierce, and carried his momentum around the outside of the speedway and into the 7th position on the opening lap. For the next 20, Kody tried to track down the next car, and was nearly able to pull alongside when a lapped car spun directly in front of them. When the field restarted with just 10-laps to go, the handling on the #64 seemed to start to slip away, and over the last few circuits Kody fought to hold his position, and earn a hard-fought 7th place finish.


3rd in Auto Value Super Sprints at Toledo Speedway

Toledo Top 3: (L to R) Jason Blonde-2nd, Troy DeCaire-1st, Kody Swanson-3rd.

(June 14, 2013) On Friday night, 24 cars rolled into Toledo Speedway for the AVSS "Fastest Short-Track Show in the World." While Kody had never competed at Toledo in a winged Sprint car, he was very familiar with the 1/2 mile Ohio oval, being the USAC Sprint car & Silver Crown track record holder for the track. Kody qualified the SpeedChasers #64 in the 5th position, touring the 1/2 mile in 12.836 seconds. In his preliminary heat race, Kody moved from 6th to 4th to transfer directly to night's A-Main event. With an invert of the 8 fastest qualifiers, Kody started outside the second row in the 4th position. At the drop of the green, Kody moved around the outside of turns 1 & 2, taking the 3rd spot down the backstretch, chasing front row starters Troy DeCaire & Aaron Pierce. Kody continued to pressure for the 2nd spot, finding it difficult to navigate in the dirty air produced by the lead cars. As Kody got a run on the #26 of Pierce down the back-stretch, the caution flag flew for a spinning Kyle Feeney on lap 8. As the field came back to green, Kody again found a tough time in dirty air, allowing Jason Blonde (a 3-time winner of the event) to get around him on the outside. Kody continued in his pursuit, working to catch Blonde while he worked on Pierce for 2nd. The battle waged on, when with 5 laps to go, Blonde got alongside Pierce as the duo raced off of turn 4. The turbulent air created by the two cars side-by-side greatly affected Kody's #64, and he nearly spun as a result. Kody gathered it up, but not after falling to the 5th position and losing over a straight-away of ground on the 3rd & 4th place cars, with just 4 laps to make it up. As the field came to 2-to-go, Kody moved underneath Jimmy McCune for 4th, and set his sights to catching 3rd. As he raced into turn 1 for the final time, Kody was able to clear Aaron Pierce for 3rd, and finish the 30-lapper with a solid podium finish for the SpeedChasers team.


From 10th to 5th at M40 Hoosier Outlaw Sprint Show

Heavy Traffic: Kody used lapped traffic to his advantage, making the pass on Kyle Feeney (#16) for 5th coming to the white flag.

(June 8, 2013) It had been over a year since Kody Swanson had really raced a Winged Pavement Sprint car, when he ran 2nd at the Must See Racing event at Anderson on May 23, 2012. He made some laps at Winchester this year, but with some mechanical issues wasn't able to compete in the feature event. Saturday night, Kody got to get back in the saddle, and try to put on a show at the Hoosier Outlaw Sprint series event at M40 Speedway. After Winchester, Tom, Tony, Cheryl, Ryan and the SpeedChasers team went to work on the #64, taking care of the issues that had risen working in a new car. At M40 in Jones, Michigan, everything was really working well on the racecar, but the team struggled with a new problem: too much rear grip. While the #64 was fast, it was hard to get it to rotate in the center of the corner to produce a good lap time. Kody qualified 11th in the 18 car field, with an 11.071 second lap around the tight 1/4 mile. Tom and the team kept hard at work, making more changes to the #64. Things were definitely headed in the right direction, as Kody won his preliminary heat race from the pole, and in convincing fashion. Despite the longer race, without a race incentive to let it all hang out, Kody got the #64 down into the 10.9 second bracket, showing the definite handling improvement that the team made with the car. A few more changes were made before the night's Feature event, hoping to hit the set-up just right in order to move forward from their 10th starting position. In the first lap, Kody moved up into the 8th spot when the caution flew. As the race restarted, Kody struggled to keep up with the fast qualifiers that started in front of him. As the race wore on, Kody continued to move around the racetrack, trying to find a place that his car would like. Near the halfway point, Kody really got something going, starting to run down the cars in front of him just as they started into lapped traffic. Kody was able to gain a position to 7th, and hang with the group running in front of him. With less than 5 laps to go, another set of lapped traffic helped Kody get a run on his competitors, moving the #64 to the 5th spot as they flashed under the white flag for the final lap. All in all, it was still a great day of racing at M40, and a great effort by the SpeedChasers team. This weekend, they plan on running back-to-back nights, at Toledo Speedway (OH) on Friday, and Anderson Speedway (IN) on Saturday, and hope to build on their momentum from M40.


A Lot to Learn from Limaland

Limaland: K&L Racing #12

(June 7, 2013) In 2007, Kody made 3 starts in a Winged Dirt Sprint car, in 2009, he made 2 more. Last year, he ran one once, and last Friday he made his 6th career start. For the first time in his 6 starts, he missed the show. Kody went to race the K&L Racing #12 at Limaland in Lima, Ohio, one of the baddest 1/4 miles in the country. "A number of people told me how tough the track was at Limaland, and they were right. This is definitely a cool place, but it took me too long to get reacquainted with a Winged Dirt Sprint car to be competitive tonight. I felt like we had started to really make some progress late in the Semi, but without a yellow I was already too far behind after starting 9th. I definitely learned a lot for the short night that we had, but I look forward to giving it another shot" -Kody.


The Green-White-Checker Finish to the "Gateway 100"


Oh So Close: Swanson 2nd in the Gateway 100

Gateway 100: DePalma #63

(June 1, 2013) Kody and the DePalma Motorsports/Hampshire Engines team nearly pulled off a huge Win at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis. In their first event together, they timed in 3rd fastest around the big 1.25 mile oval, averaging over 143mph and reaching nearly 180mph each straightaway. At the start, Kody fell to 8th and had to work his way back through the field. The 80-lap race was caution-free when Kody moved into 3rd with 10 laps to go. A late caution set up a Green-White-Checkered finish with just 2 laps to go, and Kody running 2nd. On the restart, Kody fell to 4th down the front-straightaway, but powered into 3rd in turns 1 & 2. Kody was 3rd on the final lap, but moved to the outside entering turn 3, taking over 2nd and getting a huge run toward the back of the leader! As they raced off of turn 4, Kody was able to pull alongside the leader, but came up just 0.040 seconds short. It truly was a great run in a David v Goliath type effort for the 63 team, and a pleasure to be a part of. Kody and the team will head to Pikes Peak, CO for the next event and look to make up those last 10 feet.


Engine Woes Mean Early End to Night Before the 500

Night Before the 500: WilkePAK #11

(May 25, 2013) Kody and the WilkePAK Motorsports #11 started off their "Night Before the 500" with a 4th place qualifying effort, improving on their racecar and laptimes from their 8th place showing in practice. In the 2nd USAC "Scramble" (like the Duel's at Daytona), Kody started 6th, and would line up on the outside row of the Feature Event based upon his finishing position. Kody moved into the 4th spot early and ran down the 3rd spot before the end of the 12-lap race. His 3rd place scramble finish lined him up outside of Row 3 in the 6th position for the night's feature event. As rain moved through the area, USAC & Lucas Oil Raceway worked hard to get the event in. The feature was shortened to 30-laps, but at least the race would be run. Kody quickly moved into 5th, then 4th, and was tracking down the 3rd spot when he was forced to retire from engine woes on lap 10.


Solid Run in the Hoosier Hundred

Hoosier Hundred: Ricky Nix #43

(May 24, 2013) Kody made his first start in the Ricky Nix Tire Service #43 at this year's Hoosier Hundred at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Kody and the team worked well together, getting things situated through-out practice. In time trials, Kody qualified 16th of the 24 competitors. The team made some adjustments to the car, and hoped for the best in the 100-mile feature event. Kody immediately began moving through the field, passing a bunch of cars, and working his way toward the front. Kody made it into the top 10, and up to the 7th position before the brakes faded on the #43, eventually leading to a 12th place finish. It was still a great run in the Nix #43, and they'll try again in Springfield, Illinois at the Tony Bettenhausen 100.


Swanson 5th in Ventura's USAC/VRA "Battle at the Beach"

Neverlift Motorsports #55: Kody took the lead on lap 9 and held nearly a 1/4 lap advantage when the red flag flew on lap 23. Robert Hargraves Photo

(April 6, 2013- Ventura, CA) It was a solid day for Kody in the Neverlift Motorsports/David Prickett Racing #55, scoring a Top 5 finish, but leaving more to be desired. Without qualifications, Kody drew to start 3rd in the night's 1st of 3 heat races. At the drop of the green, teammate and Neverlift owner David Prickett shot from his 2nd starting spot to the lead, with Kody taking over 2nd a lap later. Despite a caution, the duo pulled away from the rest of the pack to finish 1-2 for a great start to the evening. Based upon their heat race finishes and accumulated passing points, David & Kody scored 4th & 5th highest after the heat races. With an invert of the 4 highest point totals to set the line-up for the feature event, David found himself on the pole, with Kody starting 5th. At the drop of the green, David's #15 pulled a big wheelstand, leaving him to gather it up into turn 1. At the end of the first lap, Kody was to 4th, with David sliding to 5th. In the early stages, the leaders were on the bottom of the racetrack, with Kody & David chasing the top 3 in the same order. As the race wore on however, the outside groove began to come in. Kody stayed on the bottom a few laps too long, falling to the 6th spot before jumping up top. David ran in 5th, Kody 6th until a lap 22 restart. Kody got a run exiting turn 2, pulling down to slide in 3 when the 3rd place car jumped the cushion. Kody was able to clear the stumbling car and his car owner, but a caution negated the pass. With the 3rd place car involved in the incident David & Kody moved up to 4th & 5th. After some intense racing over the final 8 laps, the positions never changed as the duo rounded out the Top 5 at Ventura. "I want to say thanks to David and all of the guys helping out the Neverlift Motorsports team. The car did everything I needed it to, and I'm taking full responsibility for not finishing better tonight. We were rolling good on the bottom early, and I didn't realize how much the top had come in until it was too late. It was my mistake. The car had great speed up top, but it was really hard to pass once everyone was up there. Thanks again to all of the guys for their hard work, and I just hope we get the chance to race together again soon." -Kody


Kody drives the Rosen Racing #4 to USAC/BCRA Victory Lane

All Smiles: Check out the huge smiles on Bob Rosen & Jordan Swanson in this shot- that says it all! Orange Freak Photo

(From March 21, 2013- The Race Preview & Background Story) Kody returns to the seat of Bob Rosen’s #4 for the first time since 2011- and a race that is still hard to forget. Kody drove the #4 for the 2011 Vukovich Classic at Madera Speedway, and had a solid event, running well through-out qualifying and preliminary events. At the start of the feature, Kody was caught up in an incident on the front-straightaway. He was able to refire, and start at the tail of the field. With a great handling racecar, Kody was able to slice through the field, and take the lead well before the half-way point in the event! After a longer green flag run, Kody had extended a sizable lead, looking to have the race well in hand. Yet, a red flag condition brought the field to a stop with just 7 laps remaining. As the field restarted, Kody felt something had gone a miss with his #4- and in fact, the Right Rear tire had started going flat. Kody held on, and finished a respectable 4th place- but still looks forward to the chance to finish what could have been...

Out Front! Kody took the lead on lap 9 and held nearly a 1/4 lap advantage when the red flag flew on lap 23. M&M Racing Photo

(From March 24, 2013- The Post-Race Report) It was definitely an up and down kind of day for the Rosen Racing #4 and the USAC/BCRA Midgets at Madera Speedway. It was the first time that the Rosen #4 had seen a racetrack in 2013, and the team really didn’t have much time to work with it. 3 laps into their first practice, another car got into the wall and ended the session short, then the second practice session cancelled altogether, and the Midgets went right into qualifying. Kody timed in the 2nd spot, behind the Arata Racing #88 of David Goodwill. With only an 8 lap heat race left before the feature, the Rosen Racing bunch hoped for a chance to see what some adjustments would do to the car. However, when the entire track was oiled down at the end of the previous heat race, it ruined any chances of telling what difference those adjustments made. Still, Kody finished 2nd in the heat, by 0.024 seconds at the line- less than a foot in car-to-car distance. A few minor adjustments were made before the 30-lap feature, with Kody starting off in the 3rd position, and fast qualifier Goodwill on the pole. Kody restarted 3rd after a lap 2 caution, and got to work. He slipped past Frankie Guerrini III for 2nd on lap 4, and began tracking down Goodwill. On lap 7, Kody pulled alongside the leader exiting turn 4, drag raced to the line and completed the pass in turn 1.

Rosen Racing: (Left to Right) Steve Mentch, Chris, Steve, Bob Rosen & Kody.

As the duo encountered lapped traffic, Kody continued to pull away to nearly a 1/4 lap lead, when another car lost an engine, oiling down the racetrack and bringing out the red flag on lap 23. (A red flag on lap 23 is exactly what plagued Kody and the #4 two years ago, when it allowed their Right Rear tire to go flat after having a comfortable lead) As Kody brought the field back to green, the red flag had greatly affected the handling on his #4, bringing Goodwill to his back-bumper. At one point, the #88 pulled alongside exiting turn 2, but Kody maintained his lead into turn 3 and held on for the final few laps to win the feature event, scoring his first in the Bob Rosen #4. Thanks to Bob, Steve, Chris, Steve, Curtis and the entire Rosen Racing family for the opportunity, all of their hard work, and a great handling racecar! ~Kody


The Inside Track: 2013, Episode 2 - USAC/BCRA Midgets at Madera 


Kody & David Prickett Racing Nearly Pull "Copper on Dirt" Upset

Drag Race: Kody & Scott Pierovich hustle to the finish line on Night #1. Pierovich (#35) was credited 8th and Swanson (#45) 9th.

In July of 2010, Kody Swanson drove the Neverlift Motorsports/David Prickett Racing #15 at Madera Speedway for a one-off event at the Al Pombo Classic. The new driver/team combo won their first race together. Fast forward to March 2013, and the duo did their best to pick up where they left off, at Arizona’s “Copper on Dirt,” and against some of the top Midget racers in the country.

Night #1: Despite a late draw on a deteriorating racetrack, Kody timed his #45 11th fastest of the 22 qualifiers, and the fastest out of the final 8 to take time. Kody started 3rd in the night’s 2nd heat race, and after getting pinned to the bottom of the racetrack in the first corner, fell to the 6th spot. Kody rallied to catch the 4th & 5th place competitors, and as the trio battled over the final few laps it was to no avail and Kody finished 6th. Based upon his qualifying time, Kody would start 11th in the night’s 25-lap A-Main event. At the drop of the green, Kody quickly went to work, battling for grip near the very bottom of the racetrack. After a series of cautions, Kody had worked his way up to the 9th position, and with a good handling racecar, hoped to move further up the order. However, as the race went on, a persistent hesitation developed under the hood of the #45, battling an engine stumble in the center of the corner. Kody kept on, raced to a dead heat for the 8th spot with #35 Scott Pierovich at the finish, and was credited with 9th.

To the Lead! Kody shot from his 3rd place starting spot to the lead with an inside move off of turn 2 on the opening lap!

Night #2: After Friday night’s engine issues, the Neverlift team got to work in search of a remedy, opting to switch fuel pumps in hopes of a cure. Kody qualified 4th out of the 21 car field, but this fuel pump had a leaky seal, so, it was back to the first pump. In his heat race, Kody started 5th, and when a car nearly spun in front of him, he stalled trying to avoid an accident. Kody restarted at the tail, and finished 4th. After stalling in the heat, longtime Prickett Racing friend Scott Pierovich loaned his spare fuel pump to the team for the night’s feature event, hoping that would do the trick. Kody would start 3rd for the 30-lapper, but Night #1 Winner & 3-Time USAC National Champ Bryan Clauson would start on the front row. At the drop of the green, Kody held the bottom line in turns 1 & 2, and drove down the backstretch with the lead! The Neverlift #45 was was really running good, and Kody led virtually unchallenged until a lap 17 caution. After a series of yellows and restarts, Kody thought the car seemed a little different as he brought Clauson & the field to green on lap 19. As Kody picked up the throttle, his left rear wheel had stripped out the center splines, leaving his car and ending his night. While it was a sad ending to a great run, it was still a great run for a small California car against the big dogs.

Thanks to the entire Neverlift/Prickett Racing family for all of their hard work, and the opportunity!


Kody & Tanner Swanson left looking for new USAC Silver Crown Rides;

Team 6R Racing closes after 24 years

1st Win: Kody scored his 1st career Silver Crown win, after electing to stay on used tires at the halfway stop and holding off everyone on new tires to win the Ted Horn 100.
DuQuoin, IL Mile - September 5, 2010

When Team 6R Racing announced they were closing down earlier this month, it left two of the best young drivers in the series looking for a new ride. Kody & Tanner Swanson both had successful careers driving for Team 6R, but both will have to find a new seat to compete in next season.

Team 6R Racing hired Kody in late 2008, and the youngster ran his first full USAC Silver Crown season in 2009, finishing 5th in the standings as the series Rookie of the Year. For the 2010 season, Tanner joined Kody at Team 6R, and made quite an impression in his first season of Silver Crown competition. On August 12th (2010), Tanner scored his first career Silver Crown win, while he and Kody became the First Brothers in History to Sweep a USAC Silver Crown event 1st & 2nd when they topped the field at the “Great Lakes 150” in Marne, Michigan.

The United States Auto Club recognized both Tanner & Kody as their “Most Improved Drivers” after the 2010 season that saw each of them score their first career USAC Silver Crown wins, Tanner win the “Night Before the 500” in only his 1st attempt, and Kody finish just 11 points shy of a Silver Crown Championship.

1st & 3rd: Kody wins the JD Byrider 100, his first race back from injury, and Tanner finishes 3rd to bookend the podium with Swanson Brothers and take the point lead.
Lucas Oil Raceway - July 28, 2011

The Swanson brothers have both shown that they are capable of being Championship contenders in the USAC Silver Crown series. After Kody finished 3rd in the 2010 season, Tanner sat atop the standings at one point in 2011, then Kody led the series during the middle of 2012. Even though the brothers have shown their abilities to contend for the Championship on both surfaces, they have been even more impressive on the pavement.

In his 11 USAC Pavement Silver Crown starts since November 2009, Kody has put up some incredible statistics, leading all drivers in 3 major categories. He is tied for the Most Wins (2) with 2008 Silver Crown and USAC Triple Crown Champ Jerry Coons Jr., has the Most Podium Finishes (9) over the 2012 Series Champ Bobby East (5), and has the Most Top 5 Finishes (10) over East again (6). Only twice in that 11 race span has the elder Swanson finished worse than 2nd: including a 4th at Toledo in 2012, and a 2010 DNF at Lucas Oil Raceway- where Swanson led the race before being forced to retire from mechanical woes.

Tanner has made his own impressive headlines in his USAC career, showcasing his capability to adapt by: winning his first USAC Pavement Silver Crown race in just his 2nd start (2010), winning the famed USAC Midget "Night Before the 500" in just his first attempt (2010), winning in his first USAC National Sprint Car start (2008) and winning in his 2nd career USAC Western Sprint start (2007) to become USAC's Youngest Pavement Sprint Car Feature Winner.

Tanner and Kody are also the only brothers to sweep a Thursday Night Thunder Sprint feature 1st & 2nd, are the only two drivers to exceed a 146+mph average speed for a lap in a traditional Silver Crown car (set at Iowa Speedway on June 22, 2012), and both of them graduated as Kingsburg High School Valedictorians. Even though neither brother has a solid lead at this point, both Kody and Tanner are actively looking for, and hoping for, an opportunity to continue their careers in the USAC Silver Crown series’ 2013 season.


TK's Racing For Education Challenge a huge success at National FFA Expo

TK Motorsports' Racing For Education Challenge booth was a huge hit at this year's National FFA Convention Expo.

(Indianapolis, Indiana) -- Once a year, the National FFA Organization brings together over 50,000 students, teachers and guests for their National FFA Convention.  This year, the Convention was held in Indianapolis and featured their National FFA Expo from Wednesday, October 24th - Friday the 26th.  The Expo showcases over 400 companies like Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Monsanto, Great American Country, John Deere, and Case-International, across 2,400 booth spaces, and this year our TK Motorsports Racing For Education Challenge was one of the top attention getter's.  A reporter from RFD tv even stopped by on Friday to interview us about the booth, as they were including our Racing For Education Challenge in their feature on the best exhibits of the year at the National Convention Expo.  

The line grew as long as 45 ft while students waited for their turn to race.

At the National FFA Convention Expo, TK Motorsports, Ignite Racing Fuel and ICM teamed up to provide students an opportunity to have some fun, connect with racers and past FFA members Kody & Tanner Swanson, and learn more about a fuel they only thought they knew.  The exhibit featured a USAC Silver Crown car that competes on Ignite Racing Fuel's High Performance Ethanol, and 6 linked Dirt Track Racing Simulators, allowing students to compete head-to-head with their comrades by submitting their name, state & email address.  During the 3-day Expo, our Racing For Education booth ran non-stop, hosting 233 simulator races with over 1,350 Race Driver Participants.  

After each race, participants received a Driver Bag with a TK Motorsports Hero Card and Ethanol related Handouts & Brochures.  In addition to giving these bags to drivers, we handed them out during our Educational Shop Tours and at the Expo booth, distributing nearly 2,500 bags of Racing and Ethanol handouts & materials during the Convention.  We also gave each race winner a custom TK Motorsports Racing For Education/Ignite "got octane?" T-Shirt, and the Fastest Winner of the Day a custom TK Racing For Education/Ignite Traxxas R/C Truck.    

Tanner Swanson introduces a Missouri FFA Chapter to the Team 6R Racing Shop.

Throughout our Racing For Education Challenge, our 1,350+ Race Driver Participants represented 44 of 50 states, with our Top Ten participating states being: Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, New York, Arkansas and Kansas.  

As part of the National FFA Convention, we entered the Team 6R Racing Shop as an Educational Tour destination, and provided tours for over 180+ students and advisors.  We got a great response from the shop tours, as it offered students and teachers to see the race cars and equipment in a personal setting with Tanner hosting the tours himself.

Through out our National FFA Convention experience we were able to meet so many students and teachers that stopped and interacted with us, were interested in all types of motorsports, and were able to share with them about what Ignite is doing with Ethanol in motorsports.


Heartbreak strikes in Springfield

Kody Swanson started 3rd, but lead the first 19 laps of the Bettenhausen 100 in dominating fashion. Don Figler Photo

When the USAC TRAXXAS Silver Crown series headed to Springfield, Illinois, Kody Swanson sat atop the points standings. At the conclusion of the Tony Bettenhausen 100, Swanson still leads the standings, but that may be the only silver lining of his trip to Springfield.

Swanson qualified his Team 6R Racing #19 6th in the 20+ car field, lapping the big dirt mile in 31.587 seconds, averaging 113.971 mph. After the Top 5 qualifiers completed the series re-draw instated for the dirt mile events, Swanson was left to start in the 3rd position, behind 2x & Defending series Champ Levi Jones, and 3x series Champ Bud Kaeding. By the time the field got to the first turn, Swanson was already in the lead. By the time the first caution flew at lap 8, Kody had a sizable lead. When they roared back to life, Swanson again pulled away to an 8+ carlength lead, and did it with ease. Then, disaster struck. Swanson's #19 popped out of gear in turn one on the 19th lap, and rolled to a stop entering turn 3. The Team 6R Racing crew worked quickly to get Kody back out, as he returned to the lineup just 2 laps down. Kody began working his way up through the field, and was in the Top 10 of the running order when it happened again. Something had gone awry with the mechanical linkage creating the drive from Swanson's Toyota engine to the rear-end, and Swanson was forced to return pitside. While the team tried to come up with a solution, Swanson returned to the racetrack, hoping to keep from losing more laps, and the damage to a minimum. After being notified by USAC that a 3rd caution would end his day, Swanson had to find a way to keep his car in gear, so he did. As the field came back to green, Kody manually held his car in gear, using his right hand to hold the lever locked in gear, and his left hand to steer. Kody continued to pass a number of cars, before settling in line to just make laps and salvage points for the day. Unfortunately, their troubles were not gone, as damage caused when the car came out of gear retired the #19 near the half-way mark in the 100-miler with engine woes.

Kody's lead is now down to just 4 points over Bobby East, and 13 over Jerry Coons, Jr, with just 3 races remaining. The series resumes on September 2nd at the DuQuoin, IL mile for the "Ted Horn 100." Kody was the 2010 Winner of the event.


Swanson 2nd at Lucas Oil Raceway

Kody Swanson earned his 3rd USAC Silver Crown Podium finish of 2012 driving the Team 6R Racing #19.

For the 3rd time in just 5 USAC Silver Crown races this season, Kody Swanson has brought the Team 6R Racing #19 home in the runner-up position.

Kody's lap of 21.071 seconds around the .686 mile oval qualified him in the 4th position, and set his spot on the grid for the 100-lap Rich Vogler Classic. In the early laps, Kody was able to get to the 3rd position, before stalking 2nd place runner Kyle Larson for much of the first half of the race. As the duo entered lapped traffic, Kody made his move on lap 38, and took away the 2nd spot. The entire 100-lap affair went green-to-checkered, and Kody had to settle for yet another 2nd place finish.

Although the results weren't as high as they were hoping for, another strong podium finish helped Kody maintain his series point's lead going into the second half of the season. The series will resume on Springfield, IL's Dirt Mile for the Bettenhausen 100 on August 18th.


Kody Swanson leads USAC TRAXXAS Silver Crown to Lucas Oil Raceway

Kody Swanson sat on the Pole of the "Hall of Fame Classic" held at Lucas Oil Raceway in May- driving the Team 6R #19. Chris Pedersen Photo

As the USAC Silver Crown series approaches the half-way mark in its 2012 season, Kingsburg, California's Kody Swanson shows the way in the series standings.

Kody started the series campaign by sitting on the Pole of the season-opening "Hall of Fame Classic" at Lucas Oil Raceway, and finished 2nd in the feature event. He repeated that performance with a Pole run and 2nd place finish at Iowa Speedway in June, before finishing 4th at Toledo Speedway in Ohio.

In the lone dirt event completed thus far in 2012, Swanson finished 5th while battling some engine troubles in the "Hoosier 100" at Indianapolis' State Fairgrounds.

Swanson comes into the "JD Byrider 100" at Lucas Oil Raceway as the defending event winner.


Hard to get a Handle at Ace Speedway - Swanson runs 6th

TheInsideTrackTK: Episode 2  

Friday, March 30th - Night 1: Driving the Wilke-PAK Motorsports #11, Kody continued to show his speed, practicing near the top of the speed charts and timing in 3rd fastest in series qualifying.  For the series heat races, 8 cars were inverted, with the Top 5 finishers eligible to start in the first 6 positions of the night’s feature event.  Starting 8th in his heat, Kody tried to work his way through the field.  However, just three laps into the 8-lap event, Kody’s left front tire locked up going into turn 1, and he made contact with the car beside him.  This sent Kody spinning and flattened his left rear tire.  Kody was drug to the pit area on the hook, where the Wilke-PAK team went to work, changing his tire in the allotted time, and getting Kody back in the race.  Restarting last, Kody made good use of his team’s efforts, passing from 8th to 5th an earning a transfer to the feature event.  After starting 5th in the 30-lap feature, Kody battled among the front runners until a caution came out on lap 11. Battling a racecar that had started to tighten-up on handling, Kody prepared to use the racetrack to get to the front.  But, on the restart, his #11 had other plans. Under the caution, the stagger on Kody’s car shrunk way down, making the handling go away on the #11.  Kody held on as best he could, but a number of cars got past as Kody struggled to keep the car on the bottom of the racetrack.  He finished 11th. 

Saturday, March 31st - Night 2: Kody returned to the #11 looking for a 2nd chance at Ace Speedway.  He again showed speed in practice, and qualified 2nd on the night.  Kody was passing for his heat race transfer on the outside, when the car below drove out into Kody to protect his own transfer spot.  For the 30-lap feature, Kody started in the 7th spot.  He moved forward, and was pressing the cars in front of him when a red-flag came out on lap 10.  Unfortunately, new night: same story.  The stagger on his #11 changed a ton before the field went back to green, so it was up to Kody to hold on to what he could.  Since the car got loose on night 2, instead of tight like night 1, Kody was able to hold on to his 6th position, and finish out the trip to Ace Speedway as best he could.

Kody Swanson makes USAC National dirt Sprint debut in Ocala

The Inside Track: Episode 1 - February in Florida  

At the end of 2011, Kody Swanson partnered with Fortville, IN car owner Ted Slinkard for a few local dirt sprint car events.  With just 3 previous career dirt sprint starts, driver Kody Swanson had already picked up a Win and a 3rd in USAC Western Classic competition.  In their 3 events together, the Slinkard-Swanson combination found some success, running as high as 5th at Lincoln Park Speedway before a failing steering box ended their evening.  For 2012, the duo has planned to continue their relationship, running some select events with the USAC National Sprint series and others, starting with the Winter Dirt Games in Ocala, Florida.

After unveiling a new paint scheme that matches the USAC Silver Crown cars that Swanson drives for Team 6R Racing, the racers headed south for last week’s events.  Practice on Wednesday went well, as they were able to work out some of the bugs in their UltraMax Sprintcar and get ready for Thursday’s race.  On night #1, Kody had a solid qualifying effort going before getting very loose coming off of turn 4 for the white flag.  The effort resulted in a 23rd place qualifying position, lining him up for the pole of his heat race.  Kody led the field to turn 1, and ran among the leaders for the first part of the event before eventually sliding to the 5th position, just one spot out of a transfer.  In the Semi-Main, Swanson started 9th, and had worked his way toward the Top 6 when three other competitors tangled in turn 3, moving Swanson to the 5th position and into the main event.  On a very abrasive racetrack, that took rubber, Swanson moved from his 20th place starting position to finish 17th. 

Kody Swanson tours Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala driving Ted Slinkard's #19. Hoseheads Live Photo

Night #2 started with Kody being 5th quickest of the 31 cars in practice, only to have some unfortunate luck in time trials.  After drawing to be the final car to qualify, rain started to fall as the final few drivers took time, resulting in a very slimy racetrack and unfair qualifying attempt that left Kody 23rd at the end of time trials.  The balance of the night was rained out. 

With a fresh start to night #3, Kody found himself 5th fastest in practice for the 2nd night in a row.  Even though Kody drew a late qualifying position (30th of 31), he put together a lap good enough for 5th quick in the field! Starting 5th in his heat race, Kody looked poised to make a run at the 4th and final transfer spot when a small error slid Kody back to 6th, and into the Semi-Main.  Starting from the pole, Kody led the first two laps before sliding back to 2nd, where he would stay for the final 10 laps and earn himself a transfer to the A-main event.  Starting from the 7th position in the 30-lap finale, Kody was competing among the best in the nation.  At the drop of the green, Kody fell to the 8th position when Night #1 winner Damion Gardner moved toward the Top 5.  For the next 29 laps, Kody ran in the 8th position, and closed to the back of the 7th place car.  As the pair came off of turn 4 for the checkered, Kody completed the pass for 7th and his first USAC National dirt Sprint Top 10! However, the final scoring loop was shut off early, as the leaders made contact coming to the line, reverting every position after 6th back to lap 29, scoring Kody in 8th.  Although it was disappointing that the pass didn’t count, it was still a solid run in Ocala for the Ted Slinkard #19 and Kody Swanson.  With schedules still changing for the spring racing events, Kody & Ted have not yet announced when their next race will be for 2012. 


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TK Motorsports News- Kody Swanson Announces 2012 Racing Plans

Ted Slinkard's #19 ready for Bubba's Winter Dirt Games this weekend in Ocala, FL.

After finishing a 2010 season that left him just 11 points shy of his first USAC Silver Crown series Championship, driver Kody Swanson was eager to take on the 2011 racing season. Less than two weeks after he stole the show to win the return of “Thursday Night Thunder” at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, and just three weeks after getting married, his plans changed. Kody was life-flighted from the Hut 100 with serious head trauma, two skull fractures, two pelvis fractures and a broken clavicle. With his championship hopes demolished, Kody Swanson returned to racing in July of 2011, and won his first USAC Silver Crown race back from injury, the JD Byrider 100 at Lucas Oil Raceway. After finishing the season with victories in the Wayne Sue Classic and Rollie Beale 150, the young driver is looking forward to a fresh start with the upcoming racing season.

In 2012, Kody will return to Team 6R Racing in the USAC Silver Crown series, in pursuit of his first series Championship after he was kept from competing for the title one year ago. Swanson’s 3 series wins since September of 2010 has helped propel Team 6R Racing back to the All-Time lead in Silver Crown victories at 28.

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